15 Best Walks in Woking (Hikes & Nice Walks)

15 Best Walks in Woking (Hikes & Nice Walks)

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Are you looking for the perfect escape from your daily life?

Sometimes, nothing beats a good old-fashioned walk to clear the mind and relax.

Woking offers some of the best walks around, from long hikes to relaxed strolls.

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful day in nature or an adventure, here are 15 of the best walks in Woking that will leave you feeling refreshed and fulfilled.

1. Horsell Common And Fairoaks Airport Circular

Horsell: Bridleway between Horsell Common and Fairoaks Airport
Photo by Nigel Cox

If you’re looking for a great walk in Woking, the Horsell Common, and Fairoaks Airport Circular is a perfect choices.

This invigorating route takes you through some of the area’s most stunning landscapes, offering breathtaking views and plenty of wildlife.

The route starts in Horsell Common, where you can explore an ancient woodland reserve with its distinctive heathland environment.

From here, you’ll head off towards Fairoaks Airport, passing by an array of lush fields and meadows along the way.

As you make your way around the airport grounds, take time to appreciate the magnificent views offered by this location.

You’ll also be able to spot a variety of wildlife while on your journey here, including rabbits, foxes, deer, and even bats!

With so much to see and do along this route, it’s easy to see why it’s one of Woking’s best walks.

Enjoy taking in some fresh air as you explore this picturesque landscape – you won’t regret it!

2. Chobham Common North Circular

Chobham Common
Photo by Alan Hunt

The next hike on the itinerary is Chobham Common North Circular.

This walk is perfect for those who love a little more adventure and want to take in some of the local scenery.

It’s also great if you’re looking for a bit of solitude, as it’s a less frequented route.

The circular route takes you through some beautiful countryside, with rolling hills and expansive views across heathland and woodland.

The path winds its way through ancient trees, offering up incredible sights along the way.

Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife; you may spot deer, rabbits, or even a fox! There are plenty of benches to rest your feet along the way, so don’t forget to pause and take it all in.

After a couple of hours of walking, you’ll arrive back at the starting point – making this an ideal afternoon escape from everyday life.

3. Basingstoke Canal Trail

 Low water in the Basingstoke Canal
Photo by Des Blenkinsopp

One of the best walks in Woking is the Basingstoke Canal Trail.

This pleasant and easy-to-follow walk takes you along a tranquil stretch of the historic waterway, which winds its way through the beautiful countryside.

The trail is lined with trees and shrubs, making it ideal for a peaceful stroll or leisurely bike ride.

The scenery changes constantly as you make your way along the canal; from open fields to dense woodland, there’s something to keep everyone entertained.

You can also spot wildfowl, dragonflies, and other wildlife as you go.

The route is well-marked with signs throughout, so it’s easy to stay on track.

At various points along the route, you’ll find benches and picnic tables where you can take a break and admire the views.

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not hire a boat at one of several jetties?

Spend an afternoon relaxing on the water while admiring some of Woking’s most beautiful sights.

Whether you choose to walk or cycle this wonderful trail, you won’t be disappointed!

4. Newark Priory

Newark Priory is a must-visit for anyone looking for an exciting walk in Woking.

This medieval priory is hidden away at the end of a lush green valley, and while its ruined walls may be crumbling, the atmosphere here remains magical.

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The tranquil grounds offer visitors a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, as well as plenty of wildlife to observe along the way.

The ancient ruins of Newark Priory are an ideal place to explore on foot.

Visitors can wander through the old cloisters and admire the remnants of its once-majestic architecture.

The winding pathways around the grounds also lead visitors past beautiful wildflower meadows, woodlands, and ponds that are perfect for birdwatching or just taking in some fresh air.

At Newark Priory there’s something special around every corner – from secret gardens to historic churches – making it a wonderful place to explore on foot in Woking.

Whether you’re looking for an afternoon stroll or a longer hike, this charming spot has something to offer everyone who visits.

5. The Anchor Pub

Moving on from Newark Priory, the next point of call is The Anchor pub.

Situated in a beautiful spot on the River Wey, this traditional English pub offers delicious food and drinks in an idyllic location.

Whether you’re looking for a quick refreshment before continuing your walk or a longer stop to enjoy some local delicacies, The Anchor has it all.

The scenery here is truly breathtaking and provides an ideal backdrop against which to relax and take in the beauty of the area.

With its picturesque river views and tranquil atmosphere, The Anchor is definitely worth stopping at during your walk through Woking.

After all, nothing beats a little bit of relaxation after a long day of walking!

6. Jolly Farmer

The Jolly Farmer is a great spot for a walk in Woking.

The area offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside and is full of rolling hills and lush greenery.

The route takes you through many meadows, woodland, and fields, and there are plenty of chances to spot wildlife along the way.

For those looking for an adventure, there are plenty of opportunities to explore, such as heading up to the top of Silent Hill or taking a walk along the riverbank.

There’s also the option of looping back around on one of the many footpaths that crisscross the area.

If you’re feeling daring, why not take a detour over some of the stiles?

At any time during your walk, you can pause and take in the beauty of nature all around you, from birds singing in the trees to butterflies flitting across wildflower meadows; it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience!

And when you do reach your destination – whether it’s back at the car park or down at the pub – you’ll have earned yourself a well-deserved rest!

7. Byfleet Heritage Trail

Leaving the Jolly Farmer, adventure-seekers may continue their journey with a stroll along the Byfleet Heritage Trail.

This delightful path is an ideal spot for hikers to explore and marvel at the beauty of Woking’s historic landscape.

The trail begins at Byfleet Church, which dates from 1250.

Visitors can appreciate its peaceful churchyard, as well as its charming architecture.

From there, travelers will make their way through quaint villages, fields of wildflowers, and picturesque meadows.

Along the way, they’ll encounter a variety of wildlife and observe stunning views of heathland and woodland scenery.

The trail is also dotted with several points of interest such as old mills and cottages that are sure to captivate hikers.

This beautiful route provides an opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life while exploring some of Woking’s stunning countryside.

With its wide range of natural sights, this enchanting trail will leave hikers feeling refreshed and invigorated by the end of their journey.

8. Muslim Heritage Trail

The Muslim Heritage Trail is an enchanting journey into the history of Woking’s rich Islamic heritage.

Starting at the Shah Jahan Mosque, first established in 1889 and the first purpose-built mosque in the UK, you’ll find yourself wandering through a series of landmarks that demonstrate the importance of Islam to the town.

Highlights include a visit to the Hazrat Sultan Bahu Mausoleum, where visitors can pay their respects to this famous spiritual leader; and The Peace Garden, a tranquil oasis located on Maybury Hill.

Along this picturesque walk, you’ll learn about some of the key figures behind Woking’s flourishing Islamic community, as well as their legacy in terms of culture and architecture.

You’ll also see some stunning works of art created by local artists inspired by their faith – an experience that is sure to be both educational and inspiring.

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With its vibrant mix of sights and sounds, this trail is perfect for those looking for an exciting way to explore Woking’s unique history and culture.

9. Rural Ripley

Rural Ripley is a beautiful and tranquil area of Woking, located just outside the town center.

It’s the perfect place for a peaceful stroll, with sprawling meadows and wooded paths.

The River Wey flows through this area, making it an ideal spot for a leisurely riverside walk.

Along the way, you can admire views of sheep grazing in nearby fields or ducks swimming in the river.

The area also has some great attractions to explore.

The Woking Wildlife Centre offers visitors a unique insight into local wildlife and conservation efforts, while there are numerous spots to stop off for refreshments along the way.

If you’re looking for something different, why not take the time to visit one of Rural Ripley’s historic churches?

There’s plenty to discover here that will make your walk even more memorable.

So if you’re looking for some refreshing outdoor exercise and natural beauty, then Rural Ripley is definitely worth exploring.

With its abundance of nature trails and scenic views, this area is sure to provide a truly relaxing experience – one that will help restore balance and peace back into your life!

10. Goldsworth Park

Goldsworth Park is a must-see for walkers who want to explore the best of Woking.

Located just outside the city center, this stunning area offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle.

With a variety of paths and trails, you can take your pick of scenic strolls or longer hikes, depending on how much time you have.

The lake at Goldsworth Park is an idyllic spot to sit and watch the wildlife strutting around it.

See if you can spot swans, coots, and moorhens gliding in the water – as well as ducks playing in the shallows!

It’s also a great place to kickstart your day with a peaceful morning stroll – particularly if you’re looking for some solace or inspiration.

There are plenty of pathways winding through lush green meadows and wooded areas, so you can wander off down whichever one takes your fancy.

Be sure to keep an eye out for wildflowers too – during spring and summertime they add even more beauty to this already picturesque landscape.

Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, Goldsworth Park has something for everyone – so be sure to check it out!

11. Brookwood Country Park

Brookwood Country Park is a wonderful spot for those looking to explore the great outdoors.

Located just outside of Woking, this park is home to an array of picturesque trails and breathtaking views.

With its mix of forests and fields, it’s a great place to enjoy nature in all its glory.

The park offers incredible walking routes, with paths ranging from easy circular walks for beginners to more challenging hikes for experienced trekkers.

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful stroll or an adrenaline-pumping adventure, Brookwood Country Park has something for everyone.

For those wishing to take in the natural beauty of the area, there are plenty of delightful spots to pause and admire the scenery.

This includes meadows full of wildflowers, woodlands that rustle with wildlife, and tranquil ponds that glisten in the sunshine.

The park also boasts plenty of amenities such as picnic benches and toilets, so you can make your visit as comfortable as possible.

If you’re seeking a memorable outdoor experience near Woking, then look no further than Brookwood Country Park – it promises hours of fun and exploration!

12. Heather Farm

The next must-see in Woking is Heather Farm.

With its picturesque views and diverse trails, this spot is definitely worth a visit.

Here you can take a leisurely stroll through lush meadows, past vast trees, and along tranquil streams.

For the more adventurous hiker, there are plenty of challenging climbs and descents with stunning vistas at the top.

No matter what trail you choose, you’ll be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment and invigoration.

Whether it’s the vibrant colors of wildflowers or the sight of soaring birds above, there’s something special to be found here.

End your walk with a picnic lunch while taking in the breathtaking view–a perfect way to end your journey through Woking’s magical landscape.

13. Hoe Stream And White Rose Lane

Hoe Stream and White Rose Lane is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to enjoy a peaceful walk in the Woking area.

The route begins at Hoe Stream, where you’ll be able to take in the beauty of nature and enjoy the tranquility of the stream.

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You’ll pass through meadows, ponds, and woodland areas along your way.

The path then leads you up to White Rose Lane, which offers stunning views of the countryside below.

Here, you’ll experience breathtaking vistas as far as your eyes can see. Be sure to take your time and soak it all in.

From here, you can continue on towards other nearby locations or head back towards Hoe Stream – either way is a great option to explore more of what Woking has to offer.

Whether you’re after a relaxing stroll or an invigorating hike, this route is sure to provide an unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling both relaxed and energized.

14. Tudor Palace

Tudor Palace is a stunning walk to take.

Set within the tranquil grounds of Woking’s ancient parklands, it offers spectacular views of rolling hills and lush forests.

The great palace itself stands proud, with a history that dates back to the 16th century and its magnificent architecture provides a fitting backdrop for this enchanting stroll.

Taking in the beauty of the palace and its gardens, you can also discover some hidden gems along your route.

From an old chapel to a secluded lake, there are plenty of fascinating sites to explore.

The path will also lead you past some beautiful natural settings, such as ancient trees, wildflower meadows, and charming streams – all of which add to the overall atmosphere of tranquillity and peace.

Whether you’re looking for a short walk or a more leisurely pace, Tudor Palace is sure to provide an unforgettable experience.

As you wander through this wonderful landscape, don’t forget to take in all its wonders!

15. Woking Station To Woking Palace

Leaving the grandeur of the Tudor Palace behind, travelers can explore one of Woking’s most delightful walks.

Starting at Woking Station and winding its way past some of the town’s most iconic landmarks, this pleasant stroll will take travelers all the way to Woking Palace.

The walk begins at Woking Station, which is a great hub for exploring all that Woking has to offer.

Here you’ll find a variety of shops and restaurants, as well as a plethora of public transport options.

As you leave the station behind and head down Goldsworth Road, you’ll soon come across a wonderful monument: The Shah Jahan Mosque.

This beautiful building is one of only four purpose-built mosques in England, making it an important site for visitors to explore.

From here, continue walking along Goldsworth Road until you reach Kingfield Stadium, home to the football team ‘Woking FC’.

Here you can enjoy a game or just admire the impressive stadium from outside before continuing your journey on foot.

The next stop on your walk will be Woking Palace – a spectacular ruined palace from the 16th century that was once owned by Henry VIII himself.

You’ll find plenty of interesting artifacts on display here as well as stunning views across the Wey Valley.

For those looking to learn more about this incredible piece of history, there are guided tours available throughout the year.

Take in everything from bustling city streets to picturesque countryside views on this memorable journey through Woking’s past and present.

Enjoy exploring traditional markets such as Kingfield Farmers’ Market or taking in some culture at Mayford Village Hall before returning back to where it all began at Woking Station – with memories that will last forever!

Best Walks in Woking – Final Thoughts

I have explored the 15 best walks in Woking, and I can confidently say that this town is full of wonderful places.

From Horsell Common to Basingstoke Canal Trail, there’s something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for a long hike or a short stroll, you won’t be disappointed.

The Anchor pub was a particular highlight – here you can take in the stunning views whilst enjoying a refreshing drink.

I also recommend visiting Newark Priory, Heather Farm, and Hoe Stream during your visit.

These spots provide an insight into Woking’s fascinating history and are sure to leave you with lasting memories of your trip.

If you’re looking for an enjoyable day out in Woking, then these 15 best walks should definitely make it onto your itinerary.

There really is something for everyone here, so don’t miss out on exploring all that this amazing town has to offer!


What are some easy walks in Woking?

Some easy walks in Woking are Byfleet Heritage Trail, Horsell to Hook Heath, and Muslim Heritage Trail.

What are the best circular walks in Woking?

Some of the best circular walks in Woking are the Fairoaks Airport loop from Horsell, New Haw Lock, and Quiet Natural Pond.

What are some good family walks in Woking?

Some good family walks in Woking are Horsell Common and Fairoaks Airport Circular, Basingstoke Canal Trail, and Bolton Lane to Ripley Circular.

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