15 Best Walks in Portsmouth (Hikes & Nice Walks)

15 Best Walks in Portsmouth (Hikes & Nice Walks)

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Are you looking for the best walks in Portsmouth?

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, there’s no better way to explore this scenic city than on foot.

From cliff-top hikes to relaxing strolls along the shore, Portsmouth has something to offer everyone.

In this article, we’ll take you through 15 of the most breathtaking walks in Portsmouth – so get ready to enjoy some fresh air and stunning views!

1. Farlington Marshes Walk

Solent Way, Farlington Marshes
Photo by N Chadwick

Farlington Marshes is a great place to explore the wild beauty of Portsmouth.

This nature reserve is located on the eastern side of Portsea Island and offers stunning views of Langstone Harbour.

It’s a perfect spot for those looking for a peaceful stroll and a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The walk follows a meandering path through wetlands and grassland, along with various ponds and lakes where you can spot wildlife such as ducks, swans, geese, and even some rare birds like avocets.

You’ll also find plenty of beautiful wildflowers in bloom during the summer months.

As you make your way along the path, take time to pause and appreciate the scenery – it’s easy to forget how peaceful this part of Hampshire can be.

Whether it’s a romantic afternoon stroll or an invigorating hike you’re after, Farlington Marshes has something for everyone.

2. Hilsea Lagoon

Blue Lagoon building, Hilsea Lido
Photo by Peter Facey

Next up on our tour of the best walks in Portsmouth is Hilsea Lagoon.

This tranquil spot offers a peaceful respite from the city, with its tranquil waters and wildlife habitats.

The lagoon is located just north of Farlington Marshes and is part of the Langstone Harbour Nature Reserve.

Take some time to explore this area and you’ll be rewarded with an abundance of wildlife including birds, fish, and reptiles.

There are also plenty of footpaths winding through the nature reserve, so you can take your time admiring all the plants and animals that call Hilsea Lagoon home.

You may even spot a few deer or rabbits!

At Hilsea Lagoon you can truly appreciate nature at its finest; it’s an ideal place for a leisurely stroll or to simply sit back and relax.

So why not make this picturesque spot your next escape from reality?

Take a break from your busy routine and enjoy some well-deserved peace and quiet.

3. Portsmouth Coastal Circular

Photo by Peter Trimming

The Portsmouth Coastal Circular is a stunning day out for those looking to take in the beauty of the Hampshire countryside.

It’s a 15-mile route with stunning sea views, rolling hills, and ancient woodland, perfect for hikers and nature lovers alike.

Starting at Southsea Castle, it takes you along the coast and past some of Portsmouth’s most significant historical sites.

You’ll pass the HMS Victory, Lord Nelson’s flagship from the Battle of Trafalgar, and Southsea Marina before continuing on to Fort Cumberland.

From there you’ll take in views across Langstone Harbour before heading inland towards Farlington Marshes Nature Reserve.

As you follow the path across this area of outstanding natural beauty you can see many different species of birds including curlews, lapwings, and redshanks.

This circular walk is not only a great way to explore some of Portsmouth’s finest landmarks but also provides an opportunity to get close to nature and experience a sense of freedom that can be hard to find in such an urban environment.

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So why not grab your walking boots and explore this fantastic route for yourself?

4. South Parade Pier

The next stop on our journey through Portsmouth’s best walks is South Parade Pier.

Stretching out over the Solent, this iconic pier is the perfect spot for a leisurely stroll and a chance to take in some of the beautiful sights along the seafront.

As you walk along the pier, you can enjoy views of the Isle of Wight and Spitbank Fort.

You might even catch a glimpse of some dolphins or porpoises swimming in the waters below!

And with its arcades and amusements, it’s an ideal spot for families to get away from it all and have some fun.

Whether you’re looking for an afternoon adventure or just want to take in some fresh sea air, South Parade Pier has something for everyone.

With its relaxed atmosphere and stunning views, it’s a great place to spend an afternoon exploring Portsmouth’s beautiful coastline.

So why not take a break from your busy day and come down for a stroll? You won’t regret it!

5. Bakers Island Loop From Anchorage Park

The Bakers Island loop from Anchorage Park is a great way to experience the beauty of Portsmouth.

The hike begins at Anchorage Park, which overlooks the harbor and has stunning views of the ships entering and leaving port.

From here, you’ll head out onto the island, where you’ll be surrounded by lush greenery and wildflowers.

You’ll pass several secluded beaches and coves as you make your way around the 3-mile loop.

The trail can get quite rocky in certain places, so it’s important to wear proper footwear.

The entire loop will take about two hours to complete, depending on how often you stop to enjoy the scenery.

Along the way you may spot some wildlife such as deer, hawks, or even an occasional seal!

Be sure to bring a camera along as there are plenty of opportunities for great photo ops.

If you’re lucky, you might also catch a glimpse of a lighthouse in the distance – a fitting symbol of freedom and adventure!

With its picturesque views and tranquil atmosphere, this is one hike that’s sure to create lasting memories.

6. Portsmouth Cathedral

Portsmouth Cathedral is an iconic landmark and a must-see while walking in Portsmouth.

Its tall spire towers over the city, providing a stunning view of the harbor and coastline.

The grand architecture of the building itself is breathtaking, with its large windows and intricate carvings.

Its history dates back to 1180, making it one of the oldest cathedrals in Britain.

Inside, the cathedral is just as impressive; its soaring ceilings, stained glass windows, and ornate decorations make for a truly awe-inspiring experience.

Stroll around and admire the beautiful artworks on display or take a moment to rest and contemplate in one of the peaceful chapels.

Whatever you choose to do, Portsmouth Cathedral will provide an unforgettable journey into Britain’s past.

7. Solent Way

The Solent Way is an incredible way to explore the stunning landscapes around Portsmouth.

Stretching across the south coast of England, this path snakes its way along rivers, through forests, and over hills.

With panoramic views of the Solent and the Isle of Wight, it’s a breathtaking journey that will stay with you long after you’ve finished.

As you walk the Solent Way, you’ll be able to experience some of the best coastal scenery in England.

From cliff-top walks with sea views, to lush forests full of wildlife and open heaths covered in wildflowers – there’s something for nature lovers of all ages.

You can take your time to appreciate the beauty around you or challenge yourself by taking on some steep ascents.

Whichever path you choose, you’ll be rewarded with spectacular views that are beyond compare.

8. Fort Widley Nature Trail

If you’re looking for a great hike near Portsmouth, the Fort Widley Nature Trail is a must-see.

This delightful trail winds through the hilly terrain of Portsdown Hill, offering stunning views of the English countryside.

From its starting point at Fort Widley, the trail climbs to an old World War II gun emplacement, then descends into a deep wooded dell and follows a small stream before emerging onto open grassland.

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The path is well-marked with posts indicating directions and distances, so it’s easy to explore without getting lost.

You’ll come across plenty of wildflowers along the way as well as birdsong from chaffinches and warblers.

And if you’re lucky, you may even spot some of the local wildlife including deer, foxes, and badgers.

The trail is suitable for all ages and abilities, so everyone can enjoy this peaceful escape into nature.

Make sure to bring your camera – there are plenty of photo opportunities waiting!

9. Millennium Promenade

The next great Portsmouth walk is the Millennium Promenade.

It’s a picturesque stroll along the waterfront of Portsmouth Harbour, where you can take in views of the harbor and the nearby Isle of Wight.

The promenade is wide open to visitors all year round and is an ideal spot for a leisurely walk or a picnic on a sunny day.

It’s easy to get lost in thought as you wander down this peaceful stretch of seafront, with its winding footpaths lined with trees, grassy areas, and benches.

Along the way, you’ll come across historical monuments and artwork commemorating local events and figures.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to take some stunning photos too!

With its stunning scenery, Millennium Promenade is definitely one of Portsmouth’s best walks – so don’t miss out on this chance to explore this gorgeous corner of England.

10. Milton Foreshore

Milton Foreshore is a scenic and peaceful walking destination.

Its natural beauty is enough to make any traveler feel at home.

The path that winds around the coast of Portsmouth is one of the best walks in the city.

The views are stunning, with plenty of wildlife and interesting sites to explore.

You can find plenty of benches along the way to take a break or enjoy an outdoor picnic.

The trail takes you to some incredible spots like Southsea Castle, Gunwharf Quays, and Old Portsmouth, providing an insight into the maritime history of the area.

If you’re lucky, you might spot a few seals along the way too!

With its stunning views overlooking Langstone Harbour and the Solent beyond, Milton Foreshore certainly ticks all the boxes for a great day out in Portsmouth.

It’s sure to be one of your most memorable walks yet!

11. Old Portsmouth

The next stop on our Portsmouth walking tour is Old Portsmouth.

This historic area of the city is a must-see for anyone visiting the area.

The old town walls, cobbled streets, and many historic buildings will have you feeling like you’ve stepped back in time.

Start your walk from the Round Tower, which was built in 1418 and is an iconic part of this part of the city.

Take some time to explore the old streets, marvel at the unique architecture of the buildings and soak up some culture at one of the many small galleries in this area.

If you’re lucky enough to be here on a sunny day, take some time to enjoy a picnic on Southsea Common or take a stroll along Southsea Beach.

There’s plenty to explore here!

Once you’ve had your fill of history, wander through more modern areas such as Gunwharf Quays where there are plenty of shops, bars, and restaurants to enjoy.

With its mix of old and new, Old Portsmouth is an excellent place to spend an afternoon exploring on foot.

12. Victoria Park

Victoria Park is a paradise of green in the heart of Portsmouth.

With its lush lawns, tranquil trees, and colorful flowerbeds, it’s a great place to take a leisurely walk.

The park is also home to a boating lake, tennis courts, and an aviary – so there’s something for everyone!

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful stroll or some time to explore nature, Victoria Park has plenty to offer.

The park’s grounds are well-maintained and perfect for walking.

You can meander along winding paths lined with trees and enjoy the fresh air while admiring the vibrant colors of the flowers.

If you’re feeling adventurous, take advantage of the park’s many routes that lead up to the highest point in Portsmouth – Portsdown Hill.

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From there you’ll get stunning views across the city skyline and out towards Southsea beach.

Victoria Park is an ideal spot for anyone who wants to escape their daily routine and reconnect with nature.

It’s easy to forget all your worries when surrounded by such beauty!

A visit here will make you feel energized and refreshed – ready to tackle whatever lies ahead.

13. The Guildhall Square Cenotaph

As you continue your walk around Portsmouth, the Guildhall Square Cenotaph is an important landmark to take note of.

Located in the heart of the city, this grand memorial was built to commemorate those who lost their lives during World War I and II.

The cenotaph stands tall and proud, with a bold inscription on its front reading: “This monument is dedicated to the memory of those brave men who gave their lives for freedom.”

It serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made by so many to protect us against tyranny.

As you stand in awe of its enormity and reflect on its significance, you can’t help but feel a sense of gratitude for what they have done.

14. Kingston Recreation Ground

Kingston Recreation Ground is a great spot for a pleasant walk.

It’s located in the heart of Portsmouth, so you’ll be able to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city while taking in some stunning views.

Here, you’ll find plenty of paths to explore and take in nature’s beauty.

The park’s pathways wrap around a large lake, so there’s plenty of opportunity for wildlife spotting.

On your walk, you’ll be able to observe some beautiful flora and fauna as well as local birds, ducks, and other wildlife.

There are also some wonderful sculptures dotted throughout the park – perfect for taking pictures!

As well as providing an idyllic walking route, Kingston Recreation Ground also offers an array of sports and recreational activities such as tennis courts, football pitches, and children’s playgrounds – making it an ideal place to spend an afternoon with family or friends.

With its central location, beautiful scenery, and plentiful facilities, Kingston Recreation Ground is sure to satisfy any visitor looking for a tranquil stroll or an exciting day out.

15. Pilgrims Trail

Pilgrims Trail is a magnificent walk through the rolling hills and woodland of Portsmouth.

This 4-mile trail offers stunning views of Hampshire’s countryside, as well as a number of historical monuments, including the ruins of Farley Castle and St. Mary’s Church.

The route begins at the main entrance to Farley Castle and takes you up an incline, past grazing sheep and wildflower meadows.

As you reach the top of the hill, you are rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views across the city.

The path then winds back down towards Portsmouth harbor, where it passes by St. Mary’s Church and finally reaches the beachfront promenade.

Here, you can take in stunning sea views that stretch for miles in all directions; a truly magical experience.

Whether you’re looking for a leisurely stroll or a more challenging hike, Pilgrims Trail has something for everyone – making it one of Portsmouth’s best walks!

Best Walks in Portsmouth – Final Thoughts

I’m sure you’ll agree that Portsmouth has some of the best walks in England.

From Farlington Marshes to Hilsea Lagoon and the Pilgrims Trail, there’s something for everyone.

But don’t forget about the other great spots too – from South Parade Pier to Bakers Island loop from Anchorage Park, and then a visit to the Guildhall Square Cenotaph and Kingston Recreation Ground.

Whether you’re looking for a scenic stroll, a challenging hike, or just a nice relaxing walk, Portsmouth is definitely the place to be.

There are so many wonderful places here that offer incredible views and experiences – you won’t be disappointed!

So if you’re looking for a great day out with friends or family, why not check out some of these amazing walks in Portsmouth?

You won’t regret it! Take in the stunning views, get some fresh air, and enjoy everything this vibrant city has to offer.


What are some easy walks in Portsmouth?

Some easy walks in Portsmouth are the Hilsea lagoon, South Parade Pier loop, and Southsea Castle.

What are the best circular walks in Portsmouth?

Some of the best circular walks in Portsmouth are the Portsmouth Coastal circular, Farlington Marshes circular, and Great Salterns circular.

What are some good family walks in Portsmouth?

Some good family walks in Portsmouth are Hillsea lagoon, Farlington Marshes walk, and Hillsea Moat.

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