15 Best Walks in Peterborough (Hikes & Nice Walks)

15 Best Walks in Peterborough (Hikes & Nice Walks)

By will

The city of Peterborough is a treasure trove of outdoor beauty and adventure.

From breathtaking hikes to scenic strolls, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the great outdoors.

Whether you’re looking for an invigorating walk or a peaceful escape, here’s our list of the best 15 walks in Peterborough.

1. Water Newton Loop

The River Nene (old course) east of March
Photo by Richard Humphrey

The Water Newton Loop is a stunningly picturesque walk located in the heart of Peterborough.

This easy, 5.3-mile route takes you along the River Nene and through charming rural villages such as Water Newton and Folksworth.

It’s perfect for anyone looking to get away from it all for a few hours, with plenty of opportunities to spot wildlife or just enjoy the tranquil atmosphere.

The trail starts in Peterborough city center, with an initial section along the bank of the River Nene.

From here, you can take in views of historic buildings and boats on the river before heading off into the countryside.

The route then passes through Water Newton village, which has a beautiful park to explore and plenty of pubs and eateries to stop at along the way.

You’ll also admire rolling fields and small streams as you make your way toward Folksworth – a traditional English village with its own unique charm.

With its mix of sights, sounds, and smells, this walking route offers something truly special for nature lovers everywhere!

2. Castor And Water Newton Circular

Footbridge near Water Newton Lock
Photo by Jonathan Thacker

The Castor and Water Newton Circular walk offers a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

This fairly easy route provides a great opportunity to explore the beautiful English countryside.

It’s a fantastic way to take in some of Peterborough’s most stunning scenery, starting at Castor Church and winding its way through delightful villages and meadows.

The route takes you along quiet lanes, past thatched cottages, before emerging onto wide open fields full of wildflowers.

You’ll also pass by some picturesque riverside spots, providing plenty of opportunities for a picnic and paddle should you wish.

The views are spectacular as you make your way through ancient woodland, with plenty of wildlife to look out for along the way.

At approximately four and a half miles in total, this is an enjoyable walk suitable for all ages and abilities.

So why not get out into the fresh air and discover the beauty of this part of Peterborough?

3. Alwalton And Castor Circular

Alwalton Lock
Photo by Ian Capper

The Alwalton and Castor Circular is an amazing walk that offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

This easy 2-mile route takes you through both villages, with a chance to explore the nearby churches and take in the tranquil atmosphere.

Along the way, you will see plenty of wildlife including badgers, foxes, and rabbits.

The path is mostly flat and you can easily complete it in about an hour.

This walk is perfect for nature lovers who want to get away from it all.

With its peaceful atmosphere and beautiful scenery, it’s sure to relax your mind and soul.

Whether you’re looking for a leisurely stroll or a more challenging hike, this route has something for everyone.

The crisp air, rolling hills, and pretty villages make this one of the best walks in Peterborough.

So come on down and experience it firsthand!

4. Thorpe Wood

Thorpe Wood is an expansive and beautiful area of Peterborough, perfect for leisurely strolls or more intense hikes.

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It’s a wonderful place to explore the city’s natural beauty.

The woodland covers over 50 hectares of land, with a variety of terrain from flat pathways to steep hills.

There are plenty of places to stop and take in the scenery, as well as benches where you can relax and enjoy the tranquility of nature.

You may even spot some wildlife such as deer, foxes, and badgers!

The wood is also home to many birds – especially during the springtime when it becomes alive with their songs.

The paths through Thorpe Wood offer stunning views across Peterborough, so why not take a picnic and make a day of it?

Just be sure to follow any signs that you come across regarding directions or safety information – this will ensure your visit is enjoyable and trouble-free!

5. Ferry Meadows & Nene Park

Explore the beautiful landscape of Ferry Meadows & Nene Park and get your nature fix!

This vast area, located on the outskirts of Peterborough, offers an array of activities for all ages.

Whether you’re looking to take a leisurely stroll or a more challenging hike, this picturesque park has something for everyone.

The meadows and wetlands offer an abundance of wildlife and stunning views.

Take a peaceful walk along the lakeside trails to enjoy the tranquility and serenity of nature.

With plenty of pathways, you can wander through tall grasses, trees, and reeds – taking in the sights and sounds of the great outdoors.

For those who want to explore further, there are long-distance paths that traverse through woodlands and open fields.

You’ll also find picnic areas dotted throughout, perfect for a rest before heading back out into nature.

Nene Park is ideal for anyone looking to get away from it all without leaving the city limits – perfect for those seeking freedom from their everyday lives.

So pack up your supplies and head out on an adventure – unearth new experiences in these natural surroundings!

6. Holy Wells

The next destination on your list is a set of ancient holy wells, tucked away on the outskirts of Peterborough.

Here, you can find an array of natural beauty.

The path meanders across tranquil meadows and through wooded glades that are steeped in history.

You’ll find old wells, many dating back centuries, providing a glimpse into the past.

The atmosphere here is tranquil and peaceful.

You can wander around unhurriedly and take in the sights, smells, and sounds of nature.

Listen to birdsong as you make your way along the path and explore the fascinating ruins of old churches and chapels.

What’s more, you may even come across some ancient artifacts or artifacts that have been left behind over time.

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful stroll or a longer hike, Holy Wells offers something for everyone to enjoy.

7. Bedford Purlieus National Nature Reserve

Bedford Purlieus National Nature Reserve is an ideal destination for those who love the great outdoors.

Located close to Peterborough, this reserve offers some of the most breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.

Its vast expanse of meadows, wetlands, and woodlands provides plenty of opportunities for hikers and nature lovers to explore its varied terrain.

The reserve is home to a variety of wildlife, including rare species of birds that can be seen in the springtime.

It’s a great place to take a stroll and observe the stunning flora and fauna on display.

There are also several trails that traverse through the reserve, offering visitors plenty of routes to follow while they take in the scenery.

Whether you’re looking for a leisurely walk or a challenging hike, Bedford Purlieus has something for everyone.

8. Hereward Way

The Hereward Way is a great way to explore the beauty of Peterborough.

This scenic route takes you along an ancient pathway, stretching from the outskirts of Peterborough up to the edge of Rutland.

As you walk along, you’ll get to take in stunning views of rolling countryside and historic villages.

The path passes through many nature reserves, offering opportunities for bird watchers and naturalists alike.

Along the way, you’ll come across many interesting sites, including a WW2 pillbox, a section of the Roman wall, and even a scheduled ancient monument.

There are also plenty of pubs and cafes for those wanting to have a rest or grab some refreshments.

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To make the most out of your trip, why not plan ahead and book yourself into one of the many campsites or holiday parks that can be found along the route?

You’ll definitely be spoilt for choice!

9. Crown Lakes Country Park

Moving on from Hereward Way, the next best walk in Peterborough is the Crown Lakes Country Park.

Located just off the A15, this stunning country park offers a unique escape from city life.

With its tranquil setting and captivating scenery, it’s a great place to take a leisurely stroll or an invigorating hike.

The park covers several acres of land, with an abundance of wildlife to observe and plenty of space for visitors to explore.

The paths are well-maintained and easy to navigate, allowing visitors to wander at their own pace without worrying about getting lost.

There is also a designated cycle path running along the perimeter of the park so cyclists can enjoy the views without having to worry about traffic.

In addition to its natural beauty, Crown Lakes Country Park also features a number of man-made attractions such as waterfalls, ponds, and bridges that add an extra layer of charm and interest.

Visitors are sure to find something new every time they visit, making it a great place for locals and tourists alike to explore nature in all its glory.

With its peaceful atmosphere and breathtaking views, Crown Lakes Country Park is certainly one of the best walks in Peterborough – perfect for escaping into nature and enjoying some much-needed peace and quiet.

10. Nassington To Wansford Nene Way

Nassington to Wansford Nene Way is a fantastic walk through the English countryside, perfect for those who want to explore the natural beauty of Peterborough.

Starting off in the picturesque village of Nassington, you’ll find yourself walking along the banks of the River Nene, taking in stunning views and an abundance of wildlife.

You’ll soon stumble across some magnificent old bridges and even catch glimpses of ancient buildings such as Elton Hall.

As you continue your journey along this idyllic route, you’ll be surrounded by verdant meadows and rolling hills of stunning countryside.

There are plenty of places to stop and take in the views or have a picnic lunch with family and friends.

The walk culminates at Wansford Station, where you can hop on a train to return back to civilization or just soak up the atmosphere before heading home.

It’s an unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and energized after your adventure!

11. Sutton To Ailsworth Nene Way

The Sutton To Ailsworth Nene Way is a delightful walk for nature lovers, taking in some of the best scenery that Peterborough has to offer.

The route starts at the pretty village of Sutton and winds its way along the banks of the River Nene, before eventually joining the old railway lines at Ailsworth.

Along the way, you’ll be treated to views of rolling hills, meadows filled with wildflowers, and trees swaying in the breeze.

The trail itself is fairly level and easy to follow, making it great for a leisurely stroll or a family outing.

There are plenty of points of interest along the way as well; keep an eye out for wildlife such as kingfishers or rabbits that may be hiding among the reeds near the river’s edge.

This is also an excellent spot for birdwatching; look up into the sky to catch a glimpse of swallows or wagtails flying overhead.

With its charming scenery and tranquil atmosphere, this section of the Nene Way will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for your next adventure!

12. Holme Fen Walk

Holme Fen is a stunning place to take a walk.

This peaceful spot is the lowest point in the UK and is located in Cambridgeshire. It’s a great place to get away from it all, as there’s no light pollution and hardly any noise.

You can truly appreciate the beauty of nature here.

The walk itself is fairly easy, with a few gentle inclines.

The path takes you through woods, meadows, and wetlands, with views of Holme Fen’s beautiful lake.

There’s plenty of wildlife to spot too – if you’re lucky you might see some rare species like otters or bitterns!

As well as being relaxing, this walk also gives you plenty of opportunities for photo ops – so don’t forget your camera!

Whether you’re looking for peace and quiet or an unforgettable experience, Holme Fen has both in spades.

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13. Fotheringhay Walk

Fotheringhay offers an idyllic walk for those wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Situated in Northamptonshire, it’s a peaceful haven for nature lovers and city dwellers alike.

The walk has plenty of interesting sights along the way; from its intriguing ruined castle to its stunning riverside views.

This winding route takes you through fields and hedgerows, alongside the River Nene, before reaching your destination.

As you make your way through this tranquil landscape, you’ll have plenty of time to reflect on the beauty of nature and appreciate the peace and quiet that surrounds you.

Whether it’s a leisurely stroll or an energetic hike, Fotheringhay is sure to satisfy your need for fresh air and exercise.

The area also boasts plenty of wildlife; from deer grazing peacefully in meadows to birdsong that fills the air with musical notes.

With such a wealth of natural wonders, Fotheringhay is the perfect spot for a pleasant stroll or a challenging hike – whichever suits your mood!

It’s no wonder why so many people have fallen in love with this picturesque corner of England.

So why not come explore Fotheringhay today?

You won’t regret it!

14. Caldecote Wood Circular

Caldecote Wood Circular is a beautiful and peaceful 5-mile walk located on the outskirts of Peterborough.

This picturesque hike takes you through ancient woodland, with plenty of opportunities to spot wildlife along the way.

The route begins at the old Roman road, Sallowvale Road, which leads you into Caldecote Wood.

Here you can find a variety of trees and wildflowers, as well as many birds singing in the canopy.

As you continue your journey, you’ll pass through meadows filled with butterflies, streams babbling by, and stunning views over the surrounding countryside.

You’ll eventually come across an old railway line that still runs today – a reminder of a bygone era.

The final part of this circular walk takes you past Ufford Mill, where you can take in some more breathtaking views before heading back to the start point.

This easy-to-follow route offers something for everyone; nature lovers will appreciate its abundant wildlife while those looking for peace and tranquility will love its serene atmosphere.

Whether it’s a leisurely stroll or an invigorating hike, Caldecote Wood Circular is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

15. Gunwade Lake Circular

A stroll around Gunwade Lake is the perfect way to experience the beauty of Peterborough.

This circular walk meanders through woodlands, open countryside, and along the banks of the River Nene.

It’s easy to follow and suitable for all ages and abilities.

The route starts at Ferry Meadows, a country park filled with delightful wildlife and greenery.

As you make your way around Gunwade Lake, you’ll come across plenty of spots where you can admire the views over water meadows and rolling hills.

There are plenty of opportunities to spot birds and other wild creatures along the way, so keep an eye out!

The path follows a peaceful riverside path which offers plenty of opportunity for relaxation.

Heading further along the circular route, you’ll find yourself in Glapthorn Cow Pasture, with its stunning views over rural landscapes.

From here, it’s an easy walk back to Ferry Meadows car park; why not pause for one last look at Gunwade Lake before heading back?

You’ll leave feeling refreshed, invigorated, and full of appreciation for this wonderful part of Peterborough.

Best Walks in Peterborough – Final Thoughts

I’ve explored some of the best walks in Peterborough and there’s something for everyone here.

Whether you’re looking for a gentle stroll or a more strenuous hike, Peterborough has it all.

The Water Newton Loop is perfect for those wanting to take it easy while the Alwalton and Castor Circular offers a bit more of a challenge.

There are also some wonderful nature trails, such as Thorpe Wood and Holme Fen walk, where you can explore the area’s wildlife and flora.

And if you’re feeling adventurous, why not try the Fotheringhay walk or Gunwade Lake Circular?

So if you’re looking for an amazing walking experience in Peterborough, I’d definitely recommend any of these 15 fantastic routes.

From beautiful scenery to interesting wildlife, they offer something for everyone.

So get out there and explore!


What are some easy walks in Peterborough?

Some easy walks in Peterborough are the River Nene loop from Longthorpe, the Burghley House Bottle Lodge loop from Pilsgate, and the River Nene loop from Castor.

What are the best circular walks in Peterborough?

Some of the best circular walks in Peterborough are Water Newton circular, Castor circular, and Overton Lake circular.

What are some good family walks in Peterborough?

Some good family walks in Peterborough are Overton Lake circular, Ferry Meadows, and Boathouse circular.

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