15 Best Walks in Lancaster (Hikes & Nice Walks)

15 Best Walks in Lancaster (Hikes & Nice Walks)

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Lancaster is a great place to explore, whether you’re after a leisurely stroll or an exhilarating hike.

From breathtaking beach trails to peaceful woodlands, there are plenty of places to take in some fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Here are 15 of the best walks in Lancaster – so grab your hiking boots and get ready for an adventure!

1. Lancaster City Trail

Lancaster Castle courtyard
Photo by Ian Taylor

If you’re looking for a great walk in Lancaster, the City Trail is an absolute must.

It’s a five-mile loop around the city, taking in some of its most iconic landmarks such as the historic Lancaster Castle and the Ashton Memorial.

The walk itself is easy to follow and well marked, with plenty of benches to take a break at along the way.

You can also enjoy stunning views over both Morecambe Bay and Williamson Park, making it an ideal spot for a peaceful stroll or refreshing morning jog.

For those wanting something more challenging, there are several uphill sections that offer an invigorating workout.

But no matter your fitness level or walking ability, this trail has something for everyone – so get out there and explore!

2. Lancaster And The Lune

Lancaster Canal and the Lune Aqueduct
Photo by Mat Fascione

Lancaster is a beautiful city nestled in the heart of Lancashire and the Lune Valley, an area renowned for its stunning scenery.

With plenty of walks to choose from, you can take in some of the most breathtaking views in the country.

From easy strolls along the banks of the River Lune to challenging hikes up Pendle Hill, there’s something for everyone.

If you’re looking for a great walk that takes advantage of all that Lancaster has to offer, then look no further than The Lune Valley Way.

This 26-mile route takes you through some stunning countryside, passing through villages and hamlets as well as historic sites such as Lancaster Castle and The Church of St Peter & St Paul.

Along the way, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to take in amazing views over Morecambe Bay and get close to nature with lots of wildlife spotting opportunities.

You’ll be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when you finally reach your destination after completing this epic journey – or just enjoy taking it slow if that’s more your style!

3. Around Crook O’ Lune

Crook o' Lune
Photo by Ian Taylor

Just a few miles away from Lancaster lies the picturesque Crook o’Lune.

Here, visitors can take in some of the most spectacular views in the area on a leisurely walk.

From the grassy banks of the river to the surrounding rolling hills, this is an idyllic spot for a peaceful stroll.

The path meanders along the river and is lined with trees that provide shade during the summer months.

It’s easy to get lost in thought as you pass by quaint bridges, old stone walls, and beautiful wildflowers.

If you keep your eyes peeled, you may even spot some local wildlife!

Alongside its natural beauty, there are plenty of places to stop for snacks or lunch, giving you a chance to take it all in at your own pace.

Crook o’Lune is truly an outdoor wonderland; it offers something for everyone – whether you’re looking to stretch your legs or just take in some fresh air and stunning scenery.

So come take a walk around this delightful corner of Lancashire and let yourself be enchanted by its beauty!

4. Clougha Pike Circular

Leaving the tranquil beauty of Crook o’ Lune behind us, we set off in search of something more adventurous and exhilarating.

Clougha Pike Circular is a classic hike for those looking for an easy-moderate challenge.

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It was a perfect choice!

The path winds its way through lush meadows and ancient forests, offering stunning views over the surrounding countryside throughout.

As we climb higher, we find ourselves at the peak of Clougha Pike with a panoramic view of Morecambe Bay and the Lakeland Fells beyond.

We couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by the majestic beauty of it all.

We continued on our journey around Clougha Pike, further into the rolling hills and valleys; passing old stone walls, historic buildings, and wildflowers that were just beginning to bloom in the spring sunshine.

Our journey eventually returned us to where we started, surrounded by nature’s wonders.

With contentment in our hearts, we made our way back home after a rewarding day out exploring Lancashire’s great outdoors.

5. Clougha Pike Summit

Clougha Pike Summit is a must-do hike for anyone visiting Lancaster.

It’s the highest point in Lancashire, and it offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.

The summit is accessible from multiple routes, so you can choose how you want to get there.

Whether you take the gentle climb from Quernmore or challenge yourself with the steep ascent from Dolphinholme, you’ll arrive at the top feeling exhilarated and rewarded.

Once at the summit, there are plenty of opportunities to explore and appreciate the surrounding beauty.

Take time to savor the majestic panoramas of Morecambe Bay and Bowland Fells that stretch out before you.

On a clear day, you can even catch glimpses of Snowdonia in Wales!

For wildlife enthusiasts, be sure to look out for red grouse and peregrine falcons soaring through the air – Clougha Pike is known as a great spot for birdwatching.

With its hidden gems tucked away around every corner, Clougha Pike Summit has something special for everyone who visits.

6. Morecambe Prom

Morecambe Promenade is a beautiful landmark that offers great views of the Irish Sea.

Its wide-open spaces and seafront are perfect for enjoying an invigorating stroll.

The promenade stretches out between the two piers, making it easy to walk the length of Morecambe’s coastline and take in the sights and sounds of the sea.

Along the way, you’ll pass by some fascinating attractions such as a miniature steam railway, a paddling pool, as well as plenty of shops and eateries.

The promenade also provides access to a number of stunning beaches, most notably Heysham Beach which is known for its long stretches of sand and rock pools.

There are plenty of options for activities here too; from kite flying and beach volleyball to crabbing or just relaxing with a picnic.

There’s no better way to end your visit than with an evening walk along this magnificent stretch of coast, witnessing the golden sunset over Morecambe Bay.

It’s sure to bring a feeling of serenity and wanderlust that will stay with you long after your visit is over.

7. Morecambe To Arnside (Coastline)

The Morecambe to Arnside walk is truly a spectacular experience.

Stretching from the small town of Morecambe on the Irish Sea, this walk takes you along the stunning coastline of Lancashire.

From the moment you set foot in Morecambe, you are surrounded by spectacular views of rolling hills and countryside.

As you walk along the water’s edge, there is an abundance of wildlife and birdlife to be seen.

You can also observe some of the many ships that come into port or simply enjoy the sound of waves crashing against rocks.

The journey continues as you make your way through some breathtakingly beautiful scenery including long stretches of beaches which are perfect for a picnic or taking pictures.

The views continue to mesmerize as you reach Arnside and its renowned viewpoint – The Knott.

Here, one can take in magnificent views across Morecambe Bay towards the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales beyond.

It’s easy to see why this area has become so popular with tourists over recent years – it’s just too stunning not to be!

This walk really is one-of-a-kind; stunning scenery, refreshing sea air, and incredible views – it’s no wonder people travel here from all around England to experience this unique landscape.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing stroll or an invigorating hike, this coastal trail will not disappoint – an unforgettable experience awaits!

8. Lune Valley Ramble

The Lune Valley Ramble is a stunning route that takes you through the picturesque countryside of North Lancashire.

This enchanting walk offers a mix of fields, woods, rolling hills, and peaceful riverside paths.

It’s the perfect way to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and take in some fresh air.

The route winds its way through idyllic meadows, and tranquil woodlands, along old stone walls and historic churches.

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You’ll have plenty of time to stop and admire the views, whether it’s over the River Lune or out towards Morecambe Bay.

There’s also lots of wildlife to spot – look out for kingfishers darting over the river or roe deer grazing in the meadows.

At just under nine miles long, this ramble is ideal for a leisurely day out.

Take your time and enjoy the scenery as you explore this tranquil corner of Lancashire – it’s sure to leave you feeling refreshed and energized.

9. Hest Bank Coast And Canal Walk

If you’re looking for a great walk in Lancashire, then look no further than the Hest Bank Coast and Canal Walk.

This route takes you on a stunning journey along the canal, through quaint villages, and past impressive wildlife.

The route starts at Hest Bank, where you will be able to take in the picturesque views of Morecambe Bay.

From here, follow the coastal path that winds its way along the shoreline, allowing you to admire the beautiful scenery of this part of Lancashire.

Keep an eye out for birds such as oystercatchers, terns, and even eider ducks as you make your way along the beach.

You’ll then reach Conder Green, where you can take a break in one of the pubs or cafes before continuing your journey.

Continue your walk by heading inland along the Lancaster Canal towpath towards Tewitfield Marina.

Here you can enjoy a pleasant stroll through the tranquil countryside before reaching the marina itself.

With its abundance of wildlife including swans and geese, it’s easy to forget that you are still in Lancashire!

After exploring this peaceful spot, why not take a short detour to explore Tewitfield Lock which is one of the oldest working locks in Britain today?

The final leg of your journey takes you back to Hest Bank via Warton Crag Nature Reserve – an area of limestone grassland with spectacular views across Morecambe Bay and beyond.

This area is also home to many species of flora and fauna so keep your eyes peeled for any interesting sights!

So if you’re looking for an incredible escape from reality then why not try out this amazing walk?

Whether it’s just a leisurely stroll or an all-day adventure, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy!

10. Williamson Park

The next stop on our journey for the best walks in Lancaster is Williamson Park.

Situated on the outskirts of the city, this park offers a stunning array of scenery and activities.

From its spectacular views to its tranquil lakes, Williamson Park is an idyllic retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The park boasts a host of attractions, including a majestic miniature railway and butterfly house.

There are also numerous walking trails to explore, which traverse through wooded areas and meadows.

These trails provide beautiful opportunities to view wildlife such as deer, foxes, badgers, and birds. Picnic spots abound at the park too – perfect for that romantic getaway or family outing!

Whether you’re looking for an invigorating hike or an easy stroll, Williamson Park has something for everyone.

With its stunning vistas and abundance of flora and fauna, it’s undoubtedly one of the best places in Lancashire to take a leisurely walk!

11. Lancaster Woodland Trail

Lancaster Woodland Trail is an ideal spot for a leisurely walk along the river bank.

It’s perfect for those who want to soak up the sun and breathe in the fresh air while getting some exercise.

The trail takes you through lush green countryside, and you can stop at any point to take pictures or just take in the sights.

With plenty of benches and picnic spots, it’s a great place to relax.

The trail follows the River Lune for around 2 miles and is easily accessible for all levels of fitness.

You can even take your bike with you on this route and explore further if you wish!

There are plenty of wildlife sightings to be seen, so keep your eyes peeled as you wander along.

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful stroll or an invigorating hike, Lancaster Woodland Trail is sure to provide something special.

So why not head out today, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy some quality time with nature?

12. Fairfield Nature Reserves

The Fairfield Nature Reserves are a must-see for any nature enthusiast visiting Lancaster.

Located just minutes from the center of town, this sprawling area of protected woodland is teeming with wildlife and scenic beauty.

Here, one can find a variety of trails leading through meadows, wetlands, and forests, offering stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

The terrain varies greatly, making it ideal for hikers of all skill levels.

No matter which trails you choose to explore, you’ll be sure to come across many species of birds, mammals, and plants that call this area home.

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Birdwatchers will be delighted by the variety they encounter here, while hikers will appreciate the tranquility that comes with walking in such untouched wilderness.

After a day spent exploring these special reserves, visitors often feel an overwhelming sense of freedom and connection to nature.

13. Bell Sykes Hay Meadow Walk

The Bell Sykes Hay Meadow Walk is an idyllic stroll through one of the most picturesque patches of Lancaster.

This particular walk offers a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of city life and is a great way to get away from it all.

On this walk, you will be taken through rolling hills, lush meadows, and peaceful woods.

The path takes you along the edge of the River Lune, passing by contrasting views of both old and new woodland areas.

You may even be lucky enough to spot some local wildlife as you take in all that nature has to offer here.

This delightful walk will leave you feeling refreshed and energized, with a newfound appreciation for the beauty that Lancaster has to offer.

There are plenty of places to pause along the route if you wish to soak in a bit longer or perhaps have a picnic lunch.

Once at your destination, why not take some time out to explore nearby villages and enjoy some local hospitality?

Taking this walk is sure to be an unforgettable experience – one which will leave you wanting more!

14. Aitken Wood And Pendle Sculpture Tramper Trail

Aitken Wood and Pendle Sculpture Tramper Trail offer a scenic walking experience in the heart of Lancashire.

Aitken Wood is a beautiful wooded area with many paths weaving through it, perfect for exploring and discovering the wildlife that lives within.

The Pendle Sculpture Tramper Trail is a circular route that takes you along old tramways, past historic buildings and monuments, under railway viaducts, and up to some spectacular viewpoints.

As you meander through the trails, take time to explore the various sculptures and artwork along the way.

From giant metal birds to delicate mosaic designs, these works of art bring beauty to nature’s own canvas.

You’ll also be treated to stunning views across the surrounding countryside as well as a variety of wildlife including deer, badgers, hares, and a wide range of bird species.

This unique walking experience is sure to leave you feeling invigorated and inspired by the beauty of Lancashire’s natural landscape.

Spend time immersed in nature while exploring and discovering this tranquil corner of England.

Take home memories of your journey through the Aitken Wood and Pendle Sculpture Tramper Trail that will last a lifetime.

15. Roeburndale

The next stop on the Lancastrian trail is a place of picturesque beauty – Roeburndale.

From Aitken Wood to Roeburndale, the views are nothing short of stunning.

This is an area that will not only captivate your senses but also make you marvel at the sheer beauty of nature.

The walk begins in a sheltered valley and continues up through verdant meadows and fields, before reaching the summit of Roeburndale.

As you ascend, you’ll be rewarded with sweeping views over rolling hills and valleys.

You’ll also have plenty of time to admire the wildflowers which carpet the countryside during springtime.

The descent from Roeburndale takes you through some majestic woodland, where native trees stretch high into the sky above.

And if you pause for a moment, it’s easy to forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday life and just take in your surroundings in all their glory.

This is a walk that will stay with you long after you return home – providing an unforgettable experience of natural beauty along its route.

Best Walks in Lancaster – Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed these 15 best walks in Lancaster!

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful stroll or a challenge, there’s something here for everyone.

I know I’ve enjoyed taking each of these hikes and watching the scenery around me changes with every step.

The beauty of Lancaster is that no matter which trails you take, you can be sure to experience nature in all its glory.

From the breathtaking views at Clougha Pike Summit to the tranquil Pendle Sculpture Tramper Trail, you’ll never be far from nature’s wonders.

If I had to choose my favorite walk, it would have to be Fairfield Nature Reserve.

Not only is it stunningly beautiful, but it’s also incredibly peaceful – perfect for escaping from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

So if you’re ever in the area, make sure to check out one of these fantastic trails!

You won’t regret it.


What are some easy walks in Lancaster?

Some easy walks in Lancaster are Woodie’s Snack Bar loop, Harton to Crook O Lune, and Glasson Dock.

What are the best circular walks in Lancaster?

Some of the best circular walks in Lancaster are Abbeystead Reservoir circular, Ward’s Stone circular, and River Lune Short circular.

What are some good family walks in Lancaster?

Some good family walks in Lancaster are Morecambe Prom, Williamson Park, and Fairfield Nature Reserve.

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