15 Best Walks In Cleethorpes (Hikes & Nice Walks)

15 Best Walks In Cleethorpes (Hikes & Nice Walks)

By will

As a resident of Cleethorpes, I’m lucky enough to have access to some of the best walks in the UK.
From the peaceful North Promenade to the bustling Cleethorpes Country Park, there’s something for everyone.
In this article, I’m going to be taking you through 15 of the best walks in Cleethorpes, from relaxing hikes to scenic strolls.
Whether you’re looking for a short escape from the city or a longer expedition, you’ll find something to suit you here.
So, let’s take a look at the top 15 walks in Cleethorpes.

North Promenade

North Promenade, Cleethorpes
Photo by David Wright

The North Promenade offers a unique opportunity to take in Cleethorpes’ stunning seaside views, while also providing an invigorating escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. From the moment you set foot on the beach, you can immediately sense the calming atmosphere that emanates from the vast expanse of sand and ocean.

This is an ideal setting for a leisurely stroll, with plenty of opportunity to take in the beauty of the area. Whether you want to take in the stunning vistas of the sea, or marvel at the beautiful architecture of the nearby buildings, there’s no doubt that the North Promenade will provide an unforgettable walk.

The North Promenade is a great spot to take a break from the city and enjoy some peace and quiet. Along the way, you’ll come across several restaurants and cafes, perfect for stopping off at and enjoying a bite to eat or a drink. There are also plenty of benches and picnic spots, perfect for taking a break from your walk and just soaking up the incredible scenery.

With its stunning views, calming atmosphere, and plenty of places to explore, the North Promenade is one of the best walks in Cleethorpes.

Cleethorpes Country Park

Cleethorpes Country Park
Photo by Richard Croft

Discover the beauty of Cleethorpes Country Park, where you can explore lush greenery and tranquil trails.

This large country park is a great place for a stroll, as it offers nature trails of varying difficulty levels. With miles of paths winding through green meadows and woodlands, it’s a perfect spot for an afternoon of exploration.

The park is home to a wide range of wildlife, with a variety of birds, mammals, and reptiles. If you’re lucky, you may spot deer, foxes, and badgers, among other animals, as you wander around its peaceful settings.

For those looking for a leisurely walk, there are plenty of flat paths to choose from, while the more adventurous can take on the more challenging trails.

From the stunning views of the Humber Estuary to the friendly locals, Cleethorpes Country Park is a great place to explore and enjoy the outdoors.

North Sea Lane

Entrance into Humberston Fitties from South Sea Lane
Photo by Steve Fareham

Exploring North Sea Lane is a great way to take in the breathtaking scenery of Cleethorpes Country Park. This picturesque route is a popular attraction for visitors and locals alike who come to enjoy the stunning views of the North Sea and the vibrant wildlife.

The 2.5 mile walk makes its way through the country park, taking in the sights of its lush woodland, grassland, and marsh areas. Along the way, you can spot various birds, mammals, and wildflowers in the park’s diverse habitats.

The route also passes by a variety of historic sites, including the ruins of Grimsby Abbey and Cleethorpes Pier, as well as the quaint village of Cleethorpes.

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At the end of the walk, you can take a break at the seafront and enjoy the fresh sea breeze. With its spectacular views and abundance of wildlife, North Sea Lane is the perfect choice for a relaxing stroll in Cleethorpes Country Park.

Stallingborough Marsh

Strolling through Stallingborough Marsh is a tranquil and serene experience, with its lush grasslands and vibrant wildlife.

The marshland is a haven for wildlife, with a range of species such as curlew, redshank, and lapwing commonly spotted around the area.

The marsh is great for a quiet stroll, as you can take in the wildlife and the stunning views of the Humber Estuary.

There is also a boardwalk that allows visitors to view the marsh from a safe distance. The boardwalk is a great way to explore the marsh without disturbing the wildlife.

The marsh is a great spot for birdwatchers, who can take in the sights and sounds of nature.

Whether it’s a leisurely walk or a longer hike, Stallingborough Marsh offers something for everyone.

Healing Trail

Take a stroll along the Healing Trail at Stallingborough Marsh and you’ll be rewarded with an unforgettable experience.

This peaceful and tranquil trail meanders through diverse habitats and is framed by stunning views of the marsh.

Along the way, you’ll be able to spot a multitude of birds, insects, and plants, making it an ideal spot for nature lovers.

The trail is also rich in history, with the ancient remains of an Anglo-Saxon settlement and a Victorian-era fishing village.

Be sure to take a break at one of the several benches along the trail, where you can truly take in your surroundings and reflect on the beauty of the area.

All in all, the Healing Trail is a must-visit for anyone looking for a relaxing walk in nature.

Grainsby Woods

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Grainsby Woods, a peaceful and strikingly beautiful forest located just outside of Cleethorpes.

Take a stroll through the rolling hills, lush meadows, and towering trees. Feel the sun on your face and the cool breeze on your skin as you take in the calming atmosphere of this wooded paradise.

Spend time exploring the lake and the winding pathways that cut through the dense foliage.

The wildlife in Grainsby Woods is abundant; you can spot a variety of birds and small mammals as you wander through the trails. Keep your eyes open for the occasional deer or fox as well.

Whether you want to take a leisurely stroll or a longer, more strenuous hike, Grainsby Woods will provide a peaceful and tranquil experience.

Enjoy the beauty of nature in this peaceful setting and forget the hustle and bustle of city life.

Humberston Fitties

Discover the picturesque Humberston Fitties and explore its stunning shoreline, breathtaking views, and diverse wildlife.

This 4.3 mile walk around Humberston Fitties is perfect for a leisurely stroll, offering stunning views of the Humber Estuary as well as glimpses of the diverse wildlife that inhabits the area.

The walk starts at the Humberston Fitties car park and follows a pleasant path through the woods and around the Fitties.

Along the way, you’ll get to take in beautiful views of the Humber Estuary, the nearby countryside, and the stunning coastline.

You’ll also be able to spot a variety of birds, including seagulls, cormorants, and swans, as well as other wildlife like deer and foxes.

At the end of the walk, you can relax and take in the stunning views of the Fitties from the beach.

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful afternoon stroll or a longer hike, Humberston Fitties is the perfect place to explore.

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Waltham Windmill

Leaving the Humberston Fitties behind, the next stop on our best walks in Cleethorpes is the Waltham Windmill.

This historic landmark sits atop a hill, offering breathtaking views of the local area. As you ascend the hill, you can get a glimpse of the windmill’s octagonal shape and brickwork.

At the top, you can admire the windmill and its surrounding grounds. The windmill is surrounded by well-maintained gardens, making it a tranquil spot to take a break and soak in the scenery.

The windmill is also open to visitors, so you can explore its interior and learn about its history.

Laceby Acres Country Park

Heading just a few miles away from the Waltham Windmill, you’ll find Laceby Acres Country Park.

Situated on the outskirts of Grimsby, the park covers more than 350 acres of stunning countryside. It’s a popular spot for hikers and nature lovers alike, with plenty of paths and trails providing a great way to explore the park.

From the highest point of the park, you can even see across the Humber Estuary.

The park is full of wildlife and nature, with wildflowers, woodlands, and meadows, plus a lake with plenty of wildlife to spot. From friendly ducks to hopping rabbits, there’s plenty to keep you entertained.

There are also several play areas for younger visitors, plus a café if you fancy a snack. So, if you’re looking for a great day out, take a trip to Laceby Acres Country Park.

Jubilee Park

Experience the natural beauty of Jubilee Park, located in Cleethorpes. Boasting a range of attractions, from a playground to a lake, Jubilee Park offers something for everyone.

The lake provides a tranquil setting for a peaceful stroll, while the playground is perfect for a family day out. The park also features a sports area, with football and cricket pitches, as well as a skate park and basketball court.

Visitors can also take in the stunning views of the estuary, while enjoying a picnic lunch. For those looking for a more active adventure, Jubilee Park offers a range of paths for walking and jogging. The routes include the nature trail, which passes through woodland and meadows, and the boardwalk, which passes through the wetlands.

There’s something for everyone at Jubilee Park, so why not come and explore it today?

Wolds Way

Take a journey along the Wolds Way and explore the stunning landscape of the East Riding of Yorkshire. This long-distance footpath stretches for 87 miles, all the way from Hessle, near Hull, to Filey, on the North Yorkshire coast.

Along the way, hikers and walkers get to enjoy some of the most diverse and beautiful natural scenery in the UK. The Wolds Way takes you through rolling hills, picturesque villages, and majestic forests. It is a great way to explore the beauty of the East Riding of Yorkshire.

The path is well-marked, with plenty of rest stops, and it is suitable for people of all abilities. Whether you’re looking for a short stroll or a longer hike, the Wolds Way has something for everyone.

With breathtaking views, diverse wildlife, and a rich cultural history, the Wolds Way offers an unforgettable experience.

Broughton Nature Reserve

Embark on an enchanting journey through the Broughton Nature Reserve, an area of outstanding natural beauty nestled in the heart of East Riding of Yorkshire.

This tranquil landscape boasts a variety of lush meadows and woodlands that are perfect for an invigorating walk, with a number of well-marked trails that are suitable for all levels.

There’s an abundance of wildlife to spot, from colourful butterflies to majestic birds of prey, and an array of wildflowers to admire.

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The reserve is also home to several ancient earthworks, including Iron Age and Bronze Age burial mounds, which offer a glimpse into the area’s fascinating past.

You can take a leisurely stroll to the nearby Broughton Hall, where you can enjoy a cup of tea and cake in the charming tea room.

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful stroll or a more challenging hike, the Broughton Nature Reserve is a great place to explore and enjoy the great outdoors.

Laceby to Habrough Cycle Path

Explore the stunning countryside views of the Laceby to Habrough Cycle Path, a picturesque route perfect for a leisurely ride.

This 3.5 mile stretch of path runs along a disused railway line, offering cyclists a flat and relatively traffic-free route.

The path is surrounded by farmland, so you’ll be able to spot a variety of wildlife as you go, from the inquisitive sheep to the occasional fox or rabbit.

As you pass the old signal box at Grainsby, you’ll be treated to a magnificent view of the Humber Estuary and the Lincolnshire Wolds.

The Laceby to Habrough Cycle Path is a great way to explore the area and take in the beauty of the Lincolnshire countryside.

There’s plenty of room to stop and enjoy a picnic half way along, and benches are dotted along the route, so you can rest and take in the views.

Whether you’re a keen cyclist or just looking for a leisurely ride, the Laceby to Habrough Cycle Path is a great way to spend a few hours.

Kingsway Nature Reserve

After cycling along the Laceby to Habrough Cycle Path, I decided to take a break and explore the Kingsway Nature Reserve.

This large area of green space is located in the north of Cleethorpes and offers a variety of trails and activities. It’s the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the town centre and enjoy some peace and quiet.

The reserve is home to a wide range of wildlife, including birds, small mammals, and amphibians, as well as a variety of trees and plants.

The trails are well maintained and well signposted, making them suitable for walkers of all levels. There are also plenty of benches and picnic tables, so you can take a break or have a picnic.

The reserve also has a lake that’s perfect for fishing or just enjoying the view.

Overall, Kingsway Nature Reserve is a great place for a peaceful walk or a family outing.

Waltham to Humberston Walk

If you’re looking for a peaceful stroll with stunning views, the Waltham to Humberston walk is an excellent choice!

This picturesque 3.5 mile route runs along a disused railway line, with views of the Humber Estuary on one side and Cleethorpes’ beach on the other.

It’s an easy walk, suitable for all levels of fitness, and a great way to enjoy the beauty of the Lincolnshire coast.

The walk begins at the Waltham Windmill, a grade II listed building which is over 200 years old.

From here, you can take in the surrounding farmland and the views of the distant city of Grimsby.

As you continue, you’ll pass by the historical Humberston Fitties, a tiny hamlet of fishermen’s cottages that were once the haunt of smugglers.

The walk culminates at the beach, where you can take a relaxing break and enjoy the sights and sounds of the sea.


I’ve had a great time exploring Cleethorpes and its amazing walks.

From the North Promenade to the Kingsway Nature Reserve, it’s clear that there’s something for everyone.

Whether you’re after a peaceful stroll or a challenging hike, you won’t be disappointed.

I’m sure I’ll be back soon to discover even more of this amazing area.

Until then, I’ll be dreaming of the stunning views and fresh air I’ve experienced during these fantastic walks.

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