15 Best Things To Do In Exmouth, England

15 Best Things To Do In Exmouth, England

By will

Exmouth, England is a stunning coastal town with so much to offer! I’m here to help you make the most of your trip and introduce you to the top 15 things to do here.

From exploring the Jurassic Coast to enjoying the nightlife at the Exmouth Pavilion, there’s something for everyone. So get ready to experience the best that Exmouth has to offer!

Next, I’ll take you on a journey through the top 15 things to do in Exmouth. From taking a boat tour of the estuary to trying water sports, you won’t want to miss out on all the fun this town has to offer.

So get ready to explore the best of Exmouth, England!

Explore the Jurassic Coast

Exmouth - Jurassic Coast
Photo by Colin Smith

You won’t want to miss exploring the Jurassic Coast while you’re in Exmouth – it’s a must-see!

Located along the South West coast of England, the Jurassic Coast is a stretch of 95 miles of stunning shoreline with plenty of activities to enjoy.

From fossil-hunting to simply taking in the awe-inspiring views, you can spend a whole day exploring the area.

There’s something for everyone – including kayaking, paddle-boarding, sailing, and cycling.

You can even take a boat trip to get up close to the coastline and look out for dolphins and other marine wildlife.

The Jurassic Coast is an incredible experience that will stay with you forever.

So make sure you take the time to explore this incredible part of England while you’re in Exmouth.

Go Shopping in Exmouth City Centre

CeX and EE in Exmouth town centre
Photo by Jaggery

Experience the vibrant atmosphere of Exmouth City Centre, where you can find something special for yourself or a loved one.

With its quaint cobbled streets and colourful shops, Exmouth City Centre is a great place to spend a leisurely day shopping.

From local craft boutiques to high-end fashion stores, you’ll never run out of options.

If you’re looking for a unique gift, there’s no shortage of speciality shops. From antiques and art to homeware and jewellery, you can find something special for everyone.

The City Centre also has a wide selection of cafés and restaurants, perfect for a quick bite or a leisurely lunch.

With its friendly atmosphere, Exmouth City Centre is the perfect place to shop in comfort.

Whether you’re looking for something special or just browsing, you’ll find plenty of hidden gems in this charming city centre.

Visit the Exmouth Museum

Exmouth Museum
Photo by Chris Allen

Immerse yourself in the history of Exmouth at the Exmouth Museum, where you can explore centuries of local heritage. The museum is full of interesting displays and artifacts, allowing you to discover what life was like in the past.

It’s a great way to get to know the local area and its culture. You can find out about the town’s maritime history, with a focus on the famous Battle of Trafalgar, and also learn about the life of the local people.

There are also interactive displays, demonstrations, and talks to help you understand more about the area. With so much to explore, the Exmouth Museum is sure to be an enjoyable and educational experience.

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Take a Cruise on the River Exe

Take a scenic cruise down the River Exe and explore Exmouth from a different angle.

On a cruise, you can relax and take in the sights and sounds of the Devonshire coastline in all its glory.

The River Exe is a beautiful stretch of water, lined with lush trees and quaint villages.

You’ll get to see some of the region’s most iconic sights, including Topsham Quay, the Imperial Recreation Ground, the Exe Estuary, and the famous Exe Bridge.

Not only is a cruise a great way to take in the stunning scenery, but it’s also educational.

A knowledgeable guide will point out historic sites and tell you stories about the area.

You’ll also get the chance to spot some of the local wildlife, such as birds and seals.

On top of all that, you’ll be able to take advantage of the cozy onboard facilities, such as coffee bars and snack bars.

So, hop aboard and enjoy a leisurely cruise on the River Exe!

See the Red Arrows at the Royal Navy Air Station

Witness the thrilling aerobatics of the Royal Navy’s Red Arrows at the Royal Navy Air Station in Exmouth for a truly spectacular display. The Red Arrows are the world’s oldest and largest aerobatic team, and they’ve been performing since 1965. They’ve become a symbol of British excellence in aviation and are renowned for their precision and skill in the air.

Each year, the Red Arrows perform at airshows across the world. The Royal Navy Air Station in Exmouth is lucky enough to host them every year. You can watch the Red Arrows perform thrilling aerial stunts and create the iconic diamond formation with their planes. The Red Arrows’ aerobatics show is truly a sight to behold, and you won’t want to miss it.

So if you’re ever in Exmouth, make sure to check out the Red Arrows for a unique and unforgettable experience.

Relax at Orcombe Point

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of Orcombe Point. Located in the town of Exmouth in Devon, England, Orcombe Point is a beautiful spot for a bit of relaxation and solitude.

It’s a great place to go for a walk along the beach or a picnic on the grassy cliffs. There are lots of coastal paths to explore, and the nearby Exmouth Marina offers boat trips for those who wish to get out on the water.

Plus, the views from Orcombe Point are simply stunning. From here, you can see right across Lyme Bay and out to the horizon, making it a great spot for some sunset watching.

Whether you’re looking for a picnic spot, a sunset viewing point, or just a place to get away from it all, Orcombe Point is the perfect spot.

Climb to the Top of the Bicton Hill

After taking a relaxing stroll along Orcombe Point, I’m ready for my next Exmouth adventure – climbing to the top of Bicton Hill.

Located on the outskirts of the town, the hill provides a great view of the area and is a popular spot for locals and visitors alike.

The climb isn’t too difficult, making it a perfect activity for all ages.

The path is well-maintained and easy to follow, so I don’t have to worry about getting lost.

Once I make it to the summit, I’m rewarded with a stunning view of the town and the surrounding area.

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All the sights and sounds of Exmouth come alive, and I’m reminded why I chose to visit this charming little town.

Enjoy a Walk Along the Exe Estuary

Next up on my Exmouth itinerary is a leisurely walk along the Exe Estuary. The estuary is a stunning sight, and a perfect spot for a relaxing stroll.

At low tide, the estuary is full of mud flats and sandbanks, perfect for exploring and discovering a variety of bird and marine life that inhabit the area.

At high tide, the estuary is full of bustling boats and kayaks, making it an ideal spot for a picturesque boat ride.

The Exe Estuary is also known for its rich history. Along the walk, you can spot some of the old fish traps that have been there since the time of the Saxons, as well as the remains of lighthouses and other buildings that are a reminder of the area’s past.

It’s a great way to connect with the city’s history while enjoying the scenery.

Take a Trip to the Donkey Sanctuary

After a peaceful walk along the Exe Estuary, I was ready for my next adventure. That adventure led me to the Donkey Sanctuary, which is located just outside of Exmouth. This unique and exciting sanctuary is a place that I’ll never forget.

The Donkey Sanctuary was founded by Dr. Elisabeth Svendsen in 1969 and it’s home to over 500 donkeys and mules. Here, visitors can take part in daily tours, where they can learn more about the animals and the sanctuary’s work to protect and care for them. The sanctuary also offers a variety of activities such as donkey-assisted therapy, donkey rides, and more.

I was able to take a tour and meet some of the donkeys up close. I was amazed to learn about the work of the sanctuary and how much they do to ensure these animals get the best care possible. The experience was unlike any other and it was a joy to see the donkeys in such a caring environment.

I highly recommend visiting the Donkey Sanctuary if you’re ever in the Exmouth area.

Go to the Cinema

Heading to the cinema is always a great way to spend a day out in Exmouth, England. The town is home to the Roxy Cinema, a single-screen historic cinema that has been around for almost a century. It has been a place of entertainment and culture for locals and visitors alike since the 1920s.

If you’re looking for a more modern experience, the Vue Exeter is a great option. With 10 screens and a full concession stand, it’s a great choice for a movie night. Both cinemas offer a variety of films, from blockbuster action movies to independent art house films. They also have a selection of classic and cult films.

No matter what your film tastes are, you can find something great at the cinema in Exmouth.

Enjoy a Meal at the Beach Cafe

After the movie, why not top off the day with a delicious meal at the Beach Cafe in Exmouth? Located right on the Exmouth seafront, the Beach Cafe is the perfect place to enjoy a meal with a view.

Every dish is freshly prepared with local ingredients, and the cafe’s signature dishes are sure to delight. Plus, the cafe has a great selection of wines and other drinks to complement your meal.

The atmosphere at the Beach Cafe is relaxed and inviting. Whether you’re dining alone or with friends, you’ll feel right at home in the cozy dining area. The staff are also friendly and knowledgeable, and they’re always willing to answer any questions you may have about the menu.

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So, if you’re looking for a great place to enjoy a meal in Exmouth, the Beach Cafe is the perfect spot!

Take a Boat Tour of the Estuary

Take in the picturesque sights of the Exmouth estuary on a boat tour and experience the tranquil beauty of the area like never before!

On a boat tour of the estuary, you can admire the stunning views of the coastline and the lush vegetation.

The boat tour will also take you to the Exe Estuary Nature Reserve, where you can spot a variety of birds, including wildfowl, waders, and seabirds. You may even be lucky enough to spot seals and dolphins!

With knowledgeable guides, you’ll learn all about the area’s history and wildlife, and you’ll get to explore the area in a unique and exciting way.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing journey or an adventurous exploration, a boat tour of the Exmouth estuary is the perfect way to enjoy the beauty of the area.

Visit the EDGE Adventure Centre

Experience the thrill of outdoor adventure with a visit to the EDGE Adventure Centre! With a huge range of activities on offer, from rock-climbing and abseiling to kayaking and paddleboarding, you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes.

And with expert guides to show you the ropes, you can be sure you’ll have a safe and enjoyable day out! Whether you’re after a thrilling experience, an adrenaline rush, or simply a gentle day out on the water, the EDGE Adventure Centre has something for everyone.

With its stunning views of the beach and its charming harbour, it’s the perfect place to explore and observe the beauty of Exmouth. And with its experienced staff, you can be sure of a safe and enjoyable day out!

Try Water Sports

After exploring the EDGE Adventure Centre, what better way to enjoy the outdoors than by trying some water sports? Exmouth is the perfect place for adrenaline junkies. The rivers and estuaries are ideal for kayaking, windsurfing, stand-up paddle boarding, and more.

The local surf schools are great for beginners, and the experienced instructors will help you get the most out of your time on the water. In addition, Exmouth has some of the best windsurfing conditions in the UK. There are plenty of spots for those wanting to practice their jumps, freestyle, and slalom moves.

For those who prefer to stay dry, there are boat tours available. You can explore the stunning coastline from the comfort of a boat, and observe the local wildlife. You can even take a trip to the nearby Exe Estuary Nature Reserve, which is a great place to spot wading birds and seals.

Enjoy the Nightlife at the Exmouth Pavilion

For a great night out, head to the Exmouth Pavilion! Enjoy live music, theatre shows, and comedy nights all under one roof. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing evening with friends or want to let loose on the dance floor, the Pavilion has something for everyone.

With its large auditorium, the Pavilion frequently hosts big-name acts and performers. There’s also a bar where you can grab a pint and chat with your mates.

In addition to the entertainment, the Pavilion also offers a variety of food and beverage options. Enjoy a delicious dinner or a light snack from the restaurant. You can order a variety of drinks from the bar.

The atmosphere is always great, with friendly staff and a lively crowd. So if you’re in Exmouth and looking for a night out, the Pavilion has you covered.


I’ve had a great time exploring all that Exmouth has to offer.

From the Jurassic Coast and its stunning views, to the EDGE Adventure Centre and all its activities, to the nightlife at the Exmouth Pavilion, there’s something for everyone here.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing weekend away or an active holiday, you won’t be disappointed.

Exmouth has something to offer everyone and I’m already looking forward to my next visit.

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