15 Best Things To Do In Bognor Regis, England

15 Best Things To Do In Bognor Regis, England

By will

Bognor Regis is a beautiful seaside town located on the south coast of England.

It’s a great place to visit for a day trip or even a longer stay.

There are so many fun things to do in Bognor Regis, from strolling along the beach to exploring the town’s historic pier.

Whether you’re looking for an adventure or just to relax, there’s something for everyone.

Here are 15 of the best things to do in Bognor Regis, England. Enjoy!

Enjoy a Stroll Along Bognor Regis Beach

Bognor Regis Beach
Photo by Stephen McKay

Take a leisurely stroll along Bognor Regis Beach and enjoy the gorgeous scenery! Located on the southern coast of England, the beach is a popular destination for beachgoers looking to relax and take in the fresh sea air and stunning views.

The beach is wide and sandy, and is the perfect spot for sunbathing, swimming, and beach volleyball. Take a long walk along the shoreline and admire the beautiful cliffs, rock formations, and crystal clear waters.

Make sure to explore the nearby Rock Gardens, where you can find an array of colorful wildflowers and stunning views of the sea. A visit to the beach is an ideal way to spend your day in Bognor Regis, England.

Visit the Historic Bognor Regis Pier

Bognor Regis Pier
Photo by Steve Daniels

Head down to the historic pier for a stroll and a view! Bognor Regis Pier is a great spot to take in the beauty of the seaside town.

Constructed in the Victorian era, the pier stretches out into the English Channel for over 900 feet. The pier has been a popular tourist destination for over 150 years, and it’s easy to see why.

Stroll down the wooden boards and you’ll be greeted with stunning views of the beach and rolling waves. Along the way, you’ll spot classic Victorian-era design and architecture, from the architecture of the pier itself to the ornate lampposts that light the walkway.

At the end of the pier, you’ll find a bar, a cafe, and a fish and chips shop, perfect for a tasty bite of a classic English meal. The pier is also host to a number of festivals throughout the year, from jazz festivals to the annual Bognor Birdman competition.

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful stroll or a fun-filled day, the Bognor Regis Pier is a great place to start.

Explore the Hotham Park Gardens

Hotham Park
Photo by Stephen McKay

Exploring the Hotham Park Gardens is a great way to experience the beauty of the English seaside. Situated in Bognor Regis, the gardens are home to a wealth of flora and fauna, including rare species of plants and animals.

One of the main attractions is the lake, which is home to a variety of wildfowl and is a popular spot for bird watchers. The gardens also feature a restored Victorian bandstand, a mini-golf course, a children’s play area, and a café. There are plenty of benches and picnic spots to rest and enjoy the atmosphere of the gardens.

It’s a great place to take a stroll and admire the picturesque view of the nearby beach. Visitors can also take a boat trip on the lake or take part in some of the activities hosted in the park, such as a quiz night or outdoor movie night.

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With so much to explore, Hotham Park Gardens is a great spot to discover the beauty of the English seaside.

See the Magnificent Butlin’s Resort

Butlin’s Resort is a magnificent destination to experience the fun of the English seaside.
It boasts a variety of attractions and activities for the whole family.
It is situated in the heart of Bognor Regis, making it the perfect place to stay for a holiday or weekend break.

The resort has plenty to offer, from its three amazing swimming pools to its incredible range of entertainment options.
From traditional seaside amusements to live shows, there is something to suit everyone.
Families can also enjoy the rides at the amusement park, or play mini-golf, or take a walk in the beautiful gardens.

Butlin’s Resort also has a range of accommodation options, from luxury lodges to family rooms, so you can find the perfect place to stay.
The resort also offers plenty of dining options, from traditional English fare to international cuisine.
There is also a great selection of bars and pubs to enjoy, as well as a range of shops and boutiques.

No matter how you choose to enjoy your time in Bognor Regis, Butlin’s Resort is sure to provide a unique and memorable experience.

Visit the Local Museum – The Bognor Regis Town Museum

Visiting the Bognor Regis Town Museum is a must for any trip to the area, offering an insightful look into the town’s fascinating history.

The museum, which opened in 1997, is housed in an elegant 19th-century building and is home to a wide variety of artifacts and memorabilia from the town’s past.

The museum has a large collection of old photographs, maps, and documents that provide visitors with a comprehensive look at the history of the area.

Other exhibits include a selection of paintings and sculpture, as well as displays of local pottery and coins.

Visitors can also explore the museum’s collection of costumes, from Victorian-era gowns to modern-day outfits.

The museum also offers an array of interactive activities for children, including a recreation of a Victorian kitchen and a recreated blacksmith’s forge.

There are also plenty of activities for adults, including guided tours of the museum and a range of educational workshops.

The Bognor Regis Town Museum is a great way to learn about the history of the area and to get a better understanding of the local culture.

Explore the Chichester Cathedral

Situated in the heart of the historic city of Chichester, the Chichester Cathedral is an impressive sight. The cathedral is a Grade I listed building and is renowned for its beautiful architecture. It dates back to 1075 and has been the site of many important events throughout its long history.

Inside, visitors will find stunning stained glass windows, intricate stone carvings, and a magnificent organ. There is also a collection of important relics, including the original font and a 13th-century tomb. Visitors can also explore the grounds of the cathedral, which include a tranquil garden and a picturesque lake.

The Chichester Cathedral is a must-see destination when exploring the best things to do in Bognor Regis.

Take a Boat Trip Around Bognor Regis

For a truly memorable experience, take a boat trip around Bognor Regis and marvel at the stunning scenery from the sea.

Aboard a boat, you can get up close to the shoreline and marvel at the beautiful beaches, the historic pier, and the impressive Bognor Regis promenade.

You can also take in the stunning views of the town’s picturesque harbor, with its sailing boats, fishing vessels, and ferries.

There are also plenty of opportunities to take a trip out to nearby islands, such as Chichester and Hayling.

On your return journey, you can marvel at the magical sunsets across the harbor.

Boats trips can be booked in advance or on the day, depending on the season.

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They’re a great way to spend a few hours, explore the local area, and take in the delights of the stunning English coastline.

Climb Up the Highdown Hill

Climb to the top of Highdown Hill and be rewarded with stunning views of the English Channel and the South Downs.

With its 180-meter elevation, Highdown Hill offers one of the best spots in Bognor Regis to appreciate the stunning English coastline. Although the hill is small compared to the nearby South Downs, it still offers a great experience for hikers, with a variety of paths through the grasslands, leading up to the highest point, where you can take in the beautiful views.

The climb up to the top of the hill is a moderate challenge, but the effort is worth it. Along the way, you can spot a variety of wildflowers and wildlife, as well as the ruins of a number of old forts.

Once you reach the summit, you can sit and enjoy the view, or take a picnic and enjoy the sunshine. No matter how you choose to spend your time on the hill, you’re sure to be rewarded with some spectacular views.

Have a Relaxing Afternoon at Felpham Beach

Take a break from exploring Bognor Regis and enjoy a peaceful afternoon at Felpham Beach. Located on the south coast of England, Felpham beach is the perfect spot to relax and take in the sights.

Not only will you find stunning views of the English Channel, but you can also enjoy a stroll along the promenade, take a dip in the ocean, or even try your hand at windsurfing.

The beach is also home to some interesting wildlife, including seabirds and a variety of fish. Depending on the season, you may even spot seals or dolphins swimming in the waters.

Additionally, there are plenty of places to grab a bite to eat, with several restaurants and cafes offering delicious seafood dishes.

So take a break from sightseeing and enjoy a peaceful afternoon at Felpham Beach.

Visit Felpham Windmill

After a relaxing afternoon spent taking in the beauty of Felpham Beach, why not take a trip to the nearby Felpham Windmill?

This stunning Grade II listed 18th-century windmill is a must-see for any visitor to Bognor Regis. It was built in 1788 and stands proudly as a reminder of the past.

The windmill is open to the public to explore, and visitors can take a guided tour to learn about the history and workings of the windmill. Inside, you can see the four floors of the machinery, the stones, and the sack hoist. You can even climb up to the top of the windmill and take in the spectacular views of the surrounding area.

Explore the Medieval Arundel Castle

Just a short drive from Bognor Regis is the stunning Arundel Castle, a beautifully preserved 11th-century castle that is well worth a visit.

Arundel Castle has a long, fascinating history that spans eight centuries, and it’s a great spot to explore for a day trip while in the area.

The castle is set in 40 acres of picturesque gardens, which is the perfect place to take a peaceful stroll or picnic on a sunny day.

Inside the castle walls, visitors can explore a variety of historical rooms, including the Great Hall and the Mary Rose Museum, which houses relics from a 16th-century warship.

The castle and its grounds also host a number of exciting events throughout the year, such as jousting tournaments, outdoor theatre performances, and even falconry displays.

Arundel Castle is a great place to explore and get a glimpse into the past.

Visit the Local Pubs and Bars

Leaving Arundel castle, I’m ready to experience the pub and bar scene in Bognor Regis. This vibrant seaside town has plenty of places to choose from, ranging from traditional pubs to lively bars.

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Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to enjoy a pint of ale or a lively spot to dance the night away, there is something for everyone.

One of my favorite pubs is The Bognor Regis Royal Oak. It’s been serving up delicious drinks and food for generations. Inside, expect to find the cozy atmosphere of a traditional English pub with a modern twist.

The pub also boasts a wide selection of beer, lager, cider, and real ales. Plus, they have a great entertainment lineup with live music and quiz nights throughout the week.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing night out or an evening of fun, The Bognor Regis Royal Oak is an excellent place to start.

Enjoy Some Shopping at Butlin’s Arcade

Head over to Butlin’s Arcade for some shopping fun! Here, you’ll find an array of shops, from small independent boutiques to larger national brands.

With a variety of items to choose from, you’re sure to find something special. Plus, you can treat yourself to a sweet treat from the candy store or find a unique souvenir from the gift shop.

So come along and explore the great selection of products at Butlin’s Arcade! Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a special someone or just want to treat yourself, Butlin’s Arcade has something for everyone.

From clothing and accessories to books and toys, you’ll find a wide range of products at great prices. Plus, the friendly staff is always ready to help you find the perfect item.

So don’t miss out on the chance to shop at Butlin’s Arcade and find something special!

Take a Trip to the Town’s Local Market

Take a stroll through the town’s local market and explore the vibrant culture of Bognor Regis, England. Bognor Regis’ local market is a great place to experience the local atmosphere and get a taste of true English culture.

You’ll find a wide variety of stalls, offering everything from fresh produce to handmade crafts and trinkets. Whether you’re looking for something unique or need to stock up on essentials, the local market has something for everyone.

The local market is a great way to get to know the locals, as the atmosphere is friendly and inviting. You can find some great deals here, and there are plenty of options to choose from. You can also get to know some of the local producers and learn about their stories.

From artisanal cheeses to handmade wooden toys, you’re sure to find something that catches your eye. With a wide selection of food, drinks, and souvenirs, the local market is a great spot to explore and spend a few hours in the heart of Bognor Regis.

Have Fun at the Bognor Regis Adventure Park

Experience the thrills and excitement of the Bognor Regis Adventure Park, and have a blast with the whole family!

This large outdoor amusement park has something for everyone to enjoy. Kids will love the roller coasters, bumper cars, spinning teacups, and other classic rides.

Adults can also find fun with a variety of mini golf courses, go-karting, and laser tag.

There are also plenty of food and drink options, and a picnic area for those who want to bring their own.

Plus, the Adventure Park hosts special events throughout the year, such as concerts, movie screenings, and themed parties.

So whatever kind of fun you’re in the mood for, the Bognor Regis Adventure Park has something for everyone.

Get ready for an unforgettable day full of thrills and family fun!


I’ve had a great time exploring Bognor Regis!
There’s so much to see and do, from taking a stroll along the beach and visiting the historic pier, to exploring the Hotham Park Gardens and seeing the magnificent Butlin’s Resort.
Shopping at the Butlin’s Arcade and the local markets, as well as visiting the local pubs and bars, are all great experiences too.
And, of course, there’s the Bognor Regis Adventure Park, which provides tons of fun for everyone.
No matter what you’re looking for, Bognor Regis has something for everyone.
Whether you’re looking for a day of relaxation, or an adventure, you’ll find it here!

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