Lunchbox labelled "Official geocache" surrounded by fallen autumn leaves

Geocaching is a treasure hunting game using GPS technology to find hidden caches or boxes. There are over 1 million caches hidden worldwide. Why not try out Geocaching at a country park?

Full day Geocaching courses

We offer day courses in Geocaching which involve learning to use the GPS unit and about the benefits of this modern navigation method.

The day can be themed to any subject or topic, can be used as a team-building exercise or for revision, with challenges at each cache to solve before moving on.

The day also suits those who find team games or physical education challenging, as it gives purpose to the exercise by finding the 'treasure'.

Geocaching and another activity

You can combine Geocaching with another activity. Your class will experience a half-day Geocaching course with your choice of:

  • Survival skills
  • Den building
  • Orienteering
  • Team challenges
  • Kite flying

Geocaching as a family activity

Have you ever found if difficult to entice your family out for a walk in the countryside? Why not try Geocaching, the high-tech treasure hunting game, using GPS technology to locate hidden containers, called geocaches.

There are caches in all our Country Parks - see for the coordinates.

If you haven't your own GPS receiver but would like to try geocaching, we will be holding taster sessions throughout the Country Parks - keep your eye out for sessions.

Alternatively, you will soon be able to hire pre-programmed units from selected Country Parks. For more information, please visit Trailnet.

Who is it for?

For Year 2 and above (Key Stages 1, 2 and 3)


Free as a self-guided family activity. For school groups, £5.50 per child for a half day and £7.50 per child for a full day

How to book

To book a school visit, please call 0345 603 7624. (No need to book for Geocaching as a family activity).